Top 10 Ways to Use a SQWeezel

The SQWEEZEL, a universal tablet mounting system, is revolutionary for hands-free support for many activities. In the office, on the job, or even at home, we look at the top ten ways of how to use the SQWeezel.
1.      In the Kitchen
Tablets have a wealth of space to store recipes and with easy access to the internet it provides millions of recipes at your fingertips. Clip the SQWeezel on the kitchen counter keeping it away from the mess of the food or the heat of the stove, but within sight.
2.      While You Exercise
Don’t trust the SQWeezel on an unsecure magazine rack that is part of your exercise bike or treadmill. Clip the SQWeezel to the machine and start burning calories. You can read, listen to music or answer email while doing your daily workout. Just make sure you don’t clip it to a road bike; that could be dangerous!
SmartDesks SQWeezel
3.      On the Job
Whether you are in an office, lab, or working with your hands in an industrial setting, the SQWeezel can help by providing you instruction or helping you record your data.
SmartDesks SQWeezel
4.      At School
Educational technology is a leading trend in the 21st century in schools for children of all ages. Whether you are teaching a concept through visual learning, maintaining your class attendance list, or reading a story to the children, the SQWeezel is a great tool!
SQWeezel SmartDesks
5.      In a Hospital
Both doctors and patients can benefit from the SQWeezel. Medical facilities have been incorporating tablet technology through the United States over the recent years. Patients who have extended hospital stays can clip the holder to a chair or hospital bed for entertainment.
SmartDesks SQWeezel
6.      As a Store Check-Out Option
With credit card technology, restaurants and stores are beginning to adopt the tablet check-out style. Stores can outfit their check-out location with tables to clip the mount and save space and money on bulky outdated machines.
SQWeezel SmartDesks
7.      In the Car
While we don’t advise the driver to use a SQWeezel while driving, unless they want to take advantage of GPS directions on their tablet, parents can add SQWeezels to their cars for children entertainment and learning.
Children in Car
8.      By the Couch or in Bed
Get rid of the arm strain of holding a tablet to your side or above you to watch a film or read a book. Just clip the stand to your nightstand or a table near the couch and turn the screen horizontally.
Woman in Bed iPad
9.      Outside on a Nice Day
Want to enjoy the great outdoors while reading an eBook? Clip your tablet with your SQWeezel to the chair and soak up the sun!
SQWeezel SmartDesks
10.  While on an Airplane
Depending on the length of your flight, entertainment may be a necessity while you travel. By attaching the SQWeezel to the tray table in front of you, you will free up space for food or additional materials you may need out during the flight.

Airplane Tray Table  

Want to learn more about the SQWeezel?

Millennials in the Workplace

According to a study from Deloitte University Press, by 2025 the Millennials/Generation Y will comprise 75% of the global workforce. Born between 1976 and 2001, this generation has a perhaps unfair reputation for laziness and entitlement — and the labor market is soon going to have to absorb them in droves.
Despite their renown as multitasking video gamers, millennials can be an industrious crowd, who have different employment priorities from their (generally-speaking) baby boomers managers.

Generally speaking, millennials have different workplace priorities -- and ones that sometimes clash with their management's view of "a good day's work."
Millennials’ preferences sometimes clash with their management’s view of “a good day’s work.”

So, what exactly are Millennials looking for in their jobs?
Of course, not all Millennials share the same set of preferences, but here are a few principal values that many seek in their employment.
1. Collaboration. Millennials do well with project-based work in teams and open communication channels. They value both offering and hearing opinions before making decisions.
2. An emphasis on “company culture.” In this Sentinel article, Nikki Sutton, owner of Level Interior Architecture, said: “’Millennials didn’t grow up studying in libraries. They studied in coffee shops and more social environments, so that is reflected in what they expect when they go to work every day.’”
3. Idealism. According to this Forbes article, 64% of millennials want to make the world “a better place.” Millennials aren’t looking to be faceless worker-bees, but valued participants who can enact change in their work and their world.
4. FlexibilityMillennials aren’t looking for just a life-work balance, but rather life-work integration. The preponderance of technology and mobile computing makes accessing work materials easy (and sometimes a compulsive habit) when millennials are out of the office.
5. Entrepreneurship. Millennials recognize the value of the start-up company. With social media and instant communication, they can solve problems efficiently at companies that value speedy information exchange; according to this New York Times article, top millennial talent often goes to innovative start-ups. To compensate, Goldman Sachs cut down the number of hours new recruits work with the hopes of attracting young people to investment banking.
Here’s a snapshot comparison of the 21st century work-ethic vs the “traditional” workforce (for source study, click here):
Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 12.41.39 PM
And for an interesting Huffington Post blog entry written by a millennial who says perseverance is this generation’s greatest necessity, click here.
In your opinion…If you’re a Millennial, what’s most important to you in a job? If you’re not, how do you interact with Gen Y in the workplace?